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Find the Best Oral-B Electric Toothbrush for You

Are you in the market for a new electric toothbrush but unsure which one to choose?

Look no further than Oral-B! With the broad selection of options, features, and price points, it's hard to pick the one that suits you best.

This post will give you a thorough guide to figuring out the Oral-B electric toothbrush that is best for your lifestyle and oral health goals.

We’ll also provide our top picks based on our expertise and research.

To assist you in making a well-informed decision, we'll go over the benefits and drawbacks of various Oral-B electric toothbrush models.

Our next course of action would be to address frequently asked questions so that you can maximize the benefits of your new electric toothbrush.
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Table of Contents

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using an Oral-B Electric Toothbrush

Prior to delving into the advantages and disadvantages, it is important to highlight some essential characteristics of Oral-B electric toothbrushes.

These features will assist you in determining whether Oral-B would be a suitable choice for your needs.
Oral-B electric toothbrushes are unique because of their round brush head design. The round shape of the brush head mimics the shape and movement of professional dental cleaning tools, which helps to provide more effective cleaning. Unlike manual toothbrushes, an electric toothbrush provides even coverage of all surfaces.
Plaque buildup can be a significant problem, leading to tooth decay and gum disease. Fortunately, Oral-B electric toothbrushes can help dissolve and take away tough plaque through its 3D cleaning action. This cleaning technology uses oscillatory, rotatory, and pulsating movements for a complete dental cleaning.
Regular manual toothbrushes have been a pervasive tool in our daily dental routine for decades, but they aren't always effective.
According to research, Oral-B electric toothbrushes are significantly more effective than regular manual toothbrushes in eliminating plaque by 100%, resulting in a thorough cleaning experience.
Over time, our brushing habits can become lax, leading to oral health problems. By utilizing the customizable settings of an Oral-B electric toothbrush, you can enhance your brushing habits. With features like timers and pressure sensors, Oral-B toothbrushes help ensure that you brush for the recommended two minutes and apply the right amount of pressure without causing harm to your gums. With the availability of various brushing modes such as daily clean, whitening or sensitive, you can tailor your brushing experience to your specific needs and preferences.
For those individuals who are always on-the-go, Oral-B electric toothbrushes offer a convenient solution to their travel case feature. This ensures that users can maintain superior oral hygiene while traveling without having to compromise on the quality of their cleaning routine.


Great news! You can now enjoy even more cleaning power! Thanks to the improved oscillating, rotating, and pulsating technology, which delivers superior plaque removal.
Comprises a timer which runs for two minutes.
An integrated visible pressure sensor, which gives signal of over brushing.
Comprises several modes to fulfill your oral needs.
Premium Oral-B toothbrushes have Bluetooth technology to connect your toothbrush with the smartphone, which provides real-time feedback on brushing.
First brand among electric toothbrushes to be recognized by ADA.


Compared to its competitor, which is the Philips Sonicare
The battery life varies between 7 to 12 days before requiring a recharge, depending on the particular model.
Oral-B’s motor is loud enough to prompt some reviewers to recommend closing the door while brushing.

How We Chose?

For choosing Oral-B electric toothbrushes, it's challenging to determine where to begin.

We know how it feels not to get the correct information and get overwhelmed with all the chaos on the internet.

To assist you in selecting the finest Oral-B electric toothbrush, we have compiled a list of Oral-B electric toothbrush models.

Our focus is on providing the best dental care advice to readers.

The electric toothbrushes mentioned here are based on customer feedback and features.

After conducting thorough research on Oral-B electric toothbrushes, we have selected few among the high and low-end models that deliver outstanding results.

Lists of High-End Best Oral-B Electric Toothbrushes

packet and display of oral b io series 9 electric toothbrush along with all its brush heads

Oral-B iO Series 9

Among the top-tier Oral-B models, the iO series 9 stands out as an exceptional electric toothbrush.

The brush head is unique as it combines gentle micro-vibrations with Oral-B’s patented round brush head, inspired by dentists.

The bristles and micro-vibrations work in combination to remove plaque and provide an exceptionally clean.

One of the key highlights is the inclusion of a smart pressure sensor with LED indicator lights. The sensor detects when you are brushing your teeth too hard and lights up a red light to signal you to reduce the pressure. 
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This toothbrush offers 7 smart modes. The 7 Smart Modes enable customization of cleaning preferences catering to the user’s needs. The modes are:
Daily Clean
Gum Care
Super Sensitive
Tongue Clean
With the aid of the display, you can receive coaching in real-time to ensure that you attain the best oral hygiene.

The display represents the current mode configurations, a progress bar showing the charging status, and a timer set for two minutes to guarantee that individuals brush their teeth meticulously.

You can easily switch between modes and monitor progress through the screen.

The 3D teeth-tracking maps detect the surface of each tooth, giving an analysis of the coverage provided to each of the 16 zones of teeth during brushing.

By connecting the toothbrush with an app, real-time pairing is possible. This allows for feedback and coaching related to brushing habits.

With the help of the integrated 2-minute quadrant timer, your teeth will receive a comprehensive cleaning experience. The timer pulsates every 30 seconds, showing that it’s time to switch to another part of your mouth.

For those who prioritize oral health and hygiene, the iO Series 9 electric toothbrush provides a stellar brushing experience.

You will find the following items within the package:
A Black iO 9 electric toothbrush
Four replacement brush heads
Magnetic Charger
A travel case


Interactive color display.
16 brush zone recognition features.
7 brush modes.
3D tracking app.
Magnetic charging base.


Unlike the previous models, this model offers few options in brush heads.
There is a significant need to improve the accuracy of coverage.
The battery’s performance is unpredictable. 
packet and display of oral b io series 5 electric toothbrush

Oral-B iO Series 5

A regular toothbrush may not provide sufficient dental hygiene. That’s where Oral-B iO Series 5 comes in!

Oral-B has recently introduced its iO series, which is equipped with breakthrough Magnetic interaction technology. This technology is the secret behind the Synchronized cleaning action that delivers a smooth and harmonious motion.

The synchronized cleaning action is driven by a one-of-a-kind mix of oscillations and micro-vibrations, which results in the toothbrush being more efficient at eliminating plaque and supporting gum health.

The Oral-B iO series 5 electric toothbrush is equipped with a Smart Display that provides real-time personalized coaching to help users brush their teeth more effectively and efficiently.
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In addition, the iO series 5 has five distinct cleaning modes, which include:
Daily Clean
Super Sensitive
With a pressure sensor, the iO series 5 notifies the user when they are brushing too vigorously, thus avoiding any potential harm to their gums or enamel.

The iO series 5 has a quadrant timer that divides the two-minute brushing time into four equal parts, each lasting 30 seconds. This ensures that each quadrant of teeth is brushed equally and thoroughly.

To make sure you brush for the entire two minutes, the toothbrush handle will pause briefly and vibrate every 30 seconds to let you know when it’s time to switch to the next area.

With the Oral-B iO series 5, you can conveniently maintain your oral hygiene while traveling as it includes a travel case.
You will find the following items within the package:
Oral B iO series 5 electric toothbrush
A single brush head (ultimate clean)
Travel case


5 modes.
Round brush head, ensuring better clean.
Visual pressure sensor.
Two-minute timer
Quadrant timer which runs after every 30 seconds intervals.
Travel case


Slightly underrated battery life.
The device does not retain the preferred cleaning mode. You need to select your preferred mode again from the modes button on the handle or through the app.
display of orchid purple oral-b genius x rechargeable electric toothbrush with artificial intelligence

Oral-B Genius x Limited Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

The rechargeable electric toothbrush, Genius X Limited, by Oral-B surpasses the capabilities of a typical toothbrush.
This toothbrush has a built-in Bluetooth technology that can sync with your smartphone, enabling you to monitor your brushing habits on a real-time basis.

With the help of AI-powered technology, the toothbrush can recognize the specific areas where your brushing technique requires improvement.

By precisely pinpointing the areas that require attention, this feature streamlines and optimizes the brushing process.
This electric toothbrush from Oral-B GENIUS X comes with six different brushing modes that tailor to each person’s oral care needs.
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This product contains a 360-degree SmartRing with LED lights and offers 12 colors to personalize your brushing experience.

The 360 SmartRing, combined with its timer and pressure sensor, keeps your teeth and gums secure.
Thanks to the Lithium-ION battery, this brush can last for up to two weeks on a single charge.

Also, you can take the toothbrush wherever you go with the help of its premium travel case.

You will find the following items within the package:
Oral-B Genius X limited electric toothbrush
Single brush head
Travel case


Features state-of-the art AI technology to help you brush better without missing a spot.
You can choose 12 different colors from the app to customize the LED smart ring.
Six brush modes.
Visible pressure sensor.
Battery-life can last as long as 2 weeks with a single charge.
A premium travel case.


Not a good option for those who are on a limited budget.
Though it has six brush modes, it has got icons of five brush modes.
Does not turn off automatically after two minutes.
The toothbrush case doesn’t have a battery for charging. The brush will only charge by connecting the USB cable to the case and then to the power adapter plugged to the outlet.
display of black oral-b 8000 electric toothbrush powered by braun

Oral-B Genius 8000

The Oral-B Genius 8000 is a state-of-the-art toothbrush that comes equipped with innovative features, such as position detection.

With the aid of the position detection feature, you can monitor your brushing patterns and detect any spots that you may have overlooked during your dental care regimen.

This function detects and monitors the regions of your oral cavity that have been brushed and those that require further focus.

By doing so, it helps you achieve a better cleaning routine and ensures that all parts of your mouth are cleaned thoroughly.

This feature is especially useful for people who neglect certain parts of their mouths while brushing. 
The package comes with a smartphone holder that securely enables users to hold their phone. This eliminates the inconvenience of manually gripping the phone while brushing.
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The toothbrush has got Bluetooth connectivity, by which you can pair your smartphone with the toothbrush. This helps you provide real-time feedback on your brushing habits and ensures you brush every area of your mouth thoroughly.

The Smart Travel Case of the Oral-B 8000 electric toothbrush is crafted from superior quality material and boasts a modern design.

The Smart Travel Case is great for frequent travelers.

With Amazon's Dash Replenishment Service, this toothbrush ensures hassle-free replenishment.

This eliminates the need to order brush heads and guarantees you'll always have a fresh one.

You will find the following items within the package:
Oral-B 8000 electric toothbrush
Three brush heads
Toothbrush storage compartment
Smartphone holder
Travel case


Built-in timer
Visual pressure sensor to alert you when you are brushing with excessive force.
You can use Bluetooth to sync up with a smartphone app and monitor the cleaning.
A premium travel case.
Oral-B app and position detection technology 


No LED icon for the Daily Clean mode.
The travel case requires a proprietary mains adapter instead of a more commonly available option, like micro-USB.
packaging of oral b genius 7000 electric toothbrush

Oral-B Genius 7000

The Oral-B Genius White 7000 is the first toothbrush in Oral-B to feature Bluetooth technology.

With a design inspired by professionals, the CrossAction brush head encompasses each tooth with bristles angled at 16 degrees.

The 3D cleaning motion of this toothbrush involves oscillation, rotation, and pulsation, which effectively eliminates up to 500% more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush.
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The rechargeable brush handle offers 6 modes for comprehensive oral care. These modes include:
Daily Clean
Gum Care
Deep Clean
Tongue Cleaning
To avoid any harmful over-brushing, the pressure sensor illuminates when excessive force is applied.

In addition, the toothbrush has six modes and a timer that will help you brush for the two minutes put forward by dental professionals.

You will find the following items within the package:
Oral-B Pro 7000 electric toothbrush
5 brush heads
Smart Guide
Brush head storage case with charger
Travel case


Great cleaning power
Six brushing modes
Visual pressure sensor
Bluetooth connectivity
No need to stress about brush head replacement for a while, since it includes 5 brush heads.


No brush mode icons in the handle.
Rechargeable batteries would be a good thing for the smart guide to operate upon.

Lists of Low-End Best Oral-B Electric Toothbrushes

oral b smart 1500 packet

Oral-B Smart 1500

The Oral B Smart 1500 electric rechargeable toothbrush is remarkable in teeth cleaning.

This toothbrush has been crafted to eliminate plaque by up to 500% more than a standard manual toothbrush, making it indispensable for individuals who desire to sustain optimal oral hygiene.

The innovative design of the CrossAction toothbrush heads that come with the Oral-B Smart 1500 toothbrush allows them to encircle each tooth at an angle.

According to research studies, the use of a CrossAction brush head is effective in controlling gingivitis. 
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The 3D Cleaning Action feature of the Oral-B Smart 1500 toothbrush allows for the brush head to rotate, oscillate, and pulsate. This action helps remove plaque quickly and easily from your teeth, ensuring optimal oral health.

The precisely angled bristles of the Oral-B Smart 1500 toothbrush are positioned at an angle of 16 degrees for effective access to the areas between teeth. With these bristles, you can experience a deep clean that targets plaque and debris, promoting optimal oral health.

The Oral-B Smart 1500 rechargeable toothbrush includes a pressure sensor that is visible from all angles, providing 360-degree coverage. The illuminating pressure sensor serves as a warning indicator in case you brush your teeth with excessive force.

The Oral-B Smart 1500 is versatile, as it supports multiple types of Oral-B brush heads to cater to various oral care needs. It can be used with any of the brush heads from the Oral-B system, except with the iO series.

You will find the following items within the package:
Oral-B smart 1500 rechargeable electric toothbrush
Single brush head


Includes an integrated timer and pacer.
Three brushing modes.
Visual pressure sensor.
A decent battery-life.


The brush modes do not have any icons to select from.
No travel case.
No Bluetooth connectivity.
display and packet of oral b pro 1000 electric toothbrush

Oral-B Pro 1000

With its oscillating, rotating, and pulsating 3D cleaning action, the Oral-B Pro 1000 is designed to effectively disintegrate and eliminate plaque along the gumline far more efficiently than a typical manual toothbrush.

One cleaning mode for an effective clean.

With the addition of a timer and a pressure sensor, you can effortlessly brush your teeth for the suggested 2 minutes while applying an optimal amount of pressure.
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You will find the following items within the package:
Oral-B Pro 1000 electric toothbrush.
Single CrossAction brush head


Easy to use.
No need to switch between modes.
2-minute timer.
Offers 10 days of battery life in a single charge.


Battery lasts only 10 days on full charge.
No visible pressure sensor.
packet and display of oral-b vitality flossaction electric rechargeable toothbrush

Oral-B Vitality Electric Toothbrush

The rechargeable electric toothbrush, Genius X Limited, by Oral-B surpasses the capabilities of a typical toothbrush.
This toothbrush has a built-in Bluetooth technology that can sync with your smartphone, enabling you to monitor your brushing habits on a real-time basis.

With the help of AI-powered technology, the toothbrush can recognize the specific areas where your brushing technique requires improvement.

By precisely pinpointing the areas that require attention, this feature streamlines and optimizes the brushing process.
This electric toothbrush from Oral-B GENIUS X comes with six different brushing modes that tailor to each person’s oral care needs.
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The Oral-B Vitality FlossAction brush is crafted to meet all your oral hygiene requirements. You can pick from a selection of compatible Oral-B brush heads and conveniently attach them to the toothbrush for a personalized brushing experience.

You will find the following items within the package:
Oral-B vitality electric toothbrush
Two brush heads


Single cleaning mode.
Built-in 2-minute timer.
Round bread head that cleans deep between tooth spaces.
2-year warranty for any replacement or repair.


You won’t receive any sign of the timer until 2 minutes have passed. At that point, the brush motor will pause three times, resulting in a change in sound and motion.
Lacks a 30 second pacer.
There is no battery icon to see the battery status of the toothbrush.
No visible pressure sensor.
packet of oral-b clinical charcoal battery electric toothbrush

Oral-B Clinical Charcoal Battery Electric Toothbrush

The battery-powered Oral-B Pro 100 electric toothbrush features end-rounded bristles infused with charcoal.

Charcoal is a natural teeth whitener, and its infusion in the toothbrush bristles helps to remove surface stains from the teeth. 

The toothbrush is also convenient to use thanks to its lightweight, portable design, making it perfect for travel. 
With its battery-powered operation, you can enjoy extended usage of your toothbrush.

If you are on the lookout for an affordable electric toothbrush that provides a comprehensive oral care routine, then the Oral-B Pro 100 Charcoal toothbrush is a fantastic choice.
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You will find the following items within the package:
Oral-B Pro 100 toothbrush
Single brush head
2 AA batteries


Bristles are infused with natural charcoal, which helps in removing stains.
Good brushing power.
Has a 2-minute timer.
Lightweight and portable.
Capable of functioning with other brush heads produced by Oral-B.


Works on batteries and requires replacement.
Does not provide full effectiveness after long-term use, because of the drainage of battery power.

Criteria in Selecting a Good Oral-B Electric Toothbrush

Brush Heads

When choosing the optimal oral-B electric toothbrush, it is crucial to consider the brush heads. It is vital to choose a toothbrush with multiple brush head options to fit your specific needs. Consider the size and shape of the brush head to ensure that it can reach all areas of your mouth, including hard-to-reach places like molars and wisdom teeth. Oral-B electric toothbrushes offer an array of brush heads for specific needs. So, choose the one that is best for your overall oral health.

Two-Minute Timer

Maintaining good oral hygiene is crucial for healthy teeth and gums. An Oral-B electric toothbrush with a two-minute timer will ensure you brush your teeth for the correct duration.


Consistently practicing good oral hygiene is of utmost importance, and the quadpacer function integrated into Oral-B electric toothbrushes simplifies maintaining a regular brushing routine. Users are given alerts to switch quadrants of their mouth every 30 seconds, which ensures that brushing is dispersed throughout the entire mouth. With customizable intervals, this feature can be tailored to individual brushing needs. The quadpacer proves to be a valuable tool for individuals who have a tendency to hurry through their brushing regimen, as it guarantees that they brush for the suggested duration of two minutes. By integrating this technology into your daily oral hygiene regimen, you can attain a comprehensive and uniform cleansing experience during brushing.

Pressure Sensor

When choosing an Oral-B electric toothbrush, it is important to consider a pressure sensor as one of its crucial features. It helps prevent over-brushing, which is the root cause of gum damage and sensitivity. The pressure sensor lets users know when too much force is being used, providing a gentle but effective clean. With Oral-B toothbrushes, you can maintain the ideal pressure during brushing thanks to their visible pressure sensors that illuminate if you are exerting too much force.


When choosing an Oral-B electric toothbrush, it is important to consider its extended battery lifespan as a key feature. No one wants the hassle of having to charge their toothbrush. Seek a toothbrush with a battery that can last for days, or even weeks, if you use it. If you opt for an electric toothbrush that boasts a lengthy battery life, you can save time and add to the overall convenience of brushing.

Another aspect to consider is the type of battery used in the toothbrush. Some brushes have replaceable batteries that require more frequent replacement but can be more cost-effective in the long run. Others have rechargeable batteries that are more environmentally friendly but may require a higher initial investment. Consider which option works best for your needs and preferences. Go for an electric toothbrush that comes with a battery indicator to monitor the remaining power and prevent it from running out in between brushing sessions.

Travel Case

The significance of a travel case in the decision-making process of choosing an Oral-B electric toothbrush is often underestimated, yet it plays a vital role. A good travel case not only provides convenience for those always on-the-go but also protects the toothbrush from damage or contamination during transportation. Look for a travel case that is designed specifically for the model of your toothbrush, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum protection. Consider the size and portability of the case, making sure it’s easy to pack and carry around with you. Also check for enough space in the case to accommodate extra brush heads or accessories, allowing for more efficient and organized packing.

American Dental Association Approval

The American Dental Association (ADA) has given its stamp of approval to Oral-B electric toothbrushes for meeting all the rigorous standards for acceptance. Consumers can be confident that the product has adhered to the safety and effectiveness criteria set by ADA upon seeing the ADA seal of acceptance. When you use an electric toothbrush that has earned the ADA Seal of Acceptance, you can trust you are using a tool that supports positive oral health and has undergone comprehensive assessment by dental experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What features do you need to look for in an electric toothbrush before buying it?

Before buying an electric toothbrush, look for features such as a built-in timer, pressure sensor, multiple brushing modes, and compatibility with different brush heads. These features can help improve your oral hygiene routine and cater to your specific dental needs.

What features should I look for when choosing an Oral-B electric toothbrush?

When choosing an Oral-B electric toothbrush, look for patented Oral-B round heads to ensure that each tooth is being reached. It’s also important to choose a toothbrush with a pressure sensor to prevent gum damage. Using the timer can assist you in brushing for the two minutes. Consider a toothbrush with position detection technology and an app to monitor your brushing patterns. Finally, look for a toothbrush with multiple brushing modes to meet your specific dental needs.

Is it necessary to use specific toothpaste or other products with an Oral-B electric toothbrush?

Using specific toothpaste brands is unnecessary for Oral-B electric toothbrushes. However, it is recommended to use toothpaste with fluoride for better dental health.

Which is the best oral-b electric toothbrush?

The Oral-B iO 9 stands out among the other Oral-B electric toothbrushes. With this toothbrush, you can enjoy a thorough clean thanks to its variety of features. A prominent feature of this toothbrush is the 16 brushing zone recognition feature which covers every area of the tooth surfaces by showing real-time feedback on the smartphone. By doing so, you can ensure that every area of your teeth is thoroughly brushed, with no omission. Also, the 7 brush modes of this toothbrush allow you to choose a preferred mode for your daily cleaning.

How do Oral-B electric toothbrushes compare to manual toothbrushes?

In terms of features, Oral-B electric toothbrushes surpass manual toothbrushes in several remarkable ways.

Premium models offer position detection technology, a pressure sensor, replacement brush heads, and a travel case. Alongside the simple, yet highly effective Oral-B Pro 1000, the Oral-B Pro 7000 SmartSeries offers six brushing modes and pairs with an app for oral care tracking.

Electric toothbrushes are rechargeable and have a longer battery life compared to their manual counterparts, making them a convenient and effective way to uphold optimal oral hygiene.

How do Oral-B’s smart toothbrushes differ?

The decision-making process of choosing an electric toothbrush can be significantly influenced by aesthetics. Oral-B and Sonicare both offer a range of models with different colors and designs to suit individual preferences. Oral-B toothbrushes offer a variety of customization options, allowing users to personalize their toothbrush to their liking. However, Sonicare toothbrushes have a sleek and modern design that may appeal to those who prefer minimalist aesthetics. It’s important to note that, while aesthetics are a factor that can influence one’s decision, it shouldn’t be the sole consideration when selecting the most suitable electric toothbrush for one’s oral health needs. Functionality and features should also be considered for optimal results.

One additional benefit of Sonicare is its relatively lower noise level. Although both brushes produce sound, several reviewers have pointed out that Oral-B’s motor can be uncomfortably loud, prompting the need to shut the door during use.

Cost Factors
When considering purchasing an electric toothbrush, the cost range can frequently play a significant role in deciding. Oral-B and Sonicare provide a diverse selection of alternatives to meet different financial plans, from basic models to high-end choices that come with advanced features. We should note that Sonicare brushes cost more than Oral-B ones.

Certain aspects are advantageous for one brand, while others benefit from the other. However, it is advisable to determine your requirements and prioritize them to determine the ideal brush for you.


Our top picks for the Oral-B electric toothbrushes ensure compatibility with different oral conditions and high-tech features, such as pressure sensors, bluetooth connectivity, and AI technology.

Although some models have their disadvantages, we've identified them for you, enabling you to make a prudent decision.
If you still have some questions, check out our FAQs section to assist you further.

Upgrade to the most advanced oral care technology hassle-free and reap the rewards of our best selections.